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Jacek Lewandowski sustained his PhD thesis


Jacek Lewandowski

On June 11, 2013: Jacek Lewandowski sustained his PhD thesis "A hybrid method of indexing multiple-inheritance hierarchies ", supervisor: professor Henryk Rybiński.
PhD degree with honour.

Multiple-inheritance hierarchies are data structures of a high importance in the area of the artificial intelligence. The problem with them is lack of comprehensive and efficient methods of indexing, which limits the practical
applications. The proposed hybrid indexing method can adapt to the particular topology of the data structure being processed. We have achieved this by tuning the proportion between the member encoding methods to gain compactness of the index and fast responses of the search requests. Moreover, we have found that combining few methods together preserves and even improves the ability to encode the changes incrementally.
We have devised two member encoding methods: the first that bases on inheritance of some features and the second that bases on numbering schemes. The correctness of the developed solutions has been proved and their performance has been evaluated in the testing environment. The results show the characteristics of the hybrid index and prove its efficiency.

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