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Next PhD thesis in the Institute


Ciszak Łukasz

On November 6, 2012: Łukasz Ciszak sustained his PhD thesis: "Knowledge Discovery Approach to Repairs of Textual Attributes in Data Warehouses ", supervised by Professor Henryk Rybiński.

Data quality and its assurance are an important area of the information management in data warehouses and other decision-support systems. The ontological quality of data understood as the accuracy of the representation of the Universe of Discourse can be degraded by the data quality issues affecting textual attributes.
In this dissertation a novel knowledge-discovery approach for the assurance of quality of textual data in data warehouses is presented. The DOMAIN algorithm and its variants proposed in this work utilize this approach to discover and maintain an accurate set of data quality rules manifested as domain constraints. The discovered knowledge is used to repair the incorrect values hence assuring the ontological quality of data. Experiments performed on real-world data warehouses described in this work prove the effectiveness of the proposed algorithms.

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