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Seminarium Instytutu Informatyki


Jarek Gryz

Instytutu Informatyki zaprasza na seminarium 14 października br. o godzinie 12:15 w sali 146. Wykład pt. "Interactive Visualization of Large Data Sets" wygłosi profesor Jarek Gryz z York Univ., Toronto, Canada. Serdecznie zapraszamy wszystkich zainteresowanych. Poniżej autorskie streszczenie referatu.

Data becomes too big to see. Yet visualization is a central way people understand data. We need to learn new ways to accommodate data visualization that scales up and out for large data to enable people to explore visually their data interactively in real-time as a means to understanding it.
In the first part of the talk I will survey research in data visualization focusing on database solutions to this problem. After present the challenges I will talk about our own system, Skydive, that we are developing to meet them. Skydive presents an approach that tightly couples a database back-end with a visualization front-end for scaling up and out. We show how hierarchical aggregation can be used to drive this, and the powerful types of interactive visual presentations that can be supported.

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