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Robert Bembenik, Łukasz Skonieczny, Grzegorz Protaziuk, Marzena Kryszkiewicz, Henryk Rybiński


Intelligent Methods and Big Data in Industrial Applications

Series: Studies in Big Data , Vol. 40
R. Bembenik, Ł. Skonieczny, G. Protaziuk,  M. Kryszkiewicz, H. Rybiński, (Eds.)
2018, XV, 376 p., 54 b/w illustrations, 70 illustrations in colour
ISBN 978-3-319-77603-3
eBook ISBN 978-3-319-77604-0
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-77604-0

The inspiration for this book came from the Industrial Session of the ISMIS 2017 Conference in Warsaw. It covers numerous applications of intelligent technologies in various branches of the industry. Intelligent computational methods and big data foster innovation and enable the industry to overcome technological limitations and explore the new frontiers. Therefore it is necessary for scientists and practitioners to cooperate and inspire each other, and use the latest research findings to create new designs and products. As such, the contributions cover solutions to the problems experienced by practitioners in the areas of artificial intelligence, complex systems, data mining, medical applications and bioinformatics, as well as multimedia- and text processing. Further, the book shows new directions for cooperation between science and industry and facilitates efficient transfer of knowledge in the area of intelligent information systems.

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