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Konkursy organizowane przez Intel

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Accelerate Your Code contest: XeonPHI is a 240 threads, 61 core coprocessor for high performance computing. Unlike other CPU-GPUs, you can easily compile your existing C/C++ code for XeonPHI and use industry standards like OpenMP or TBB. Want to try? Our traditional “Accelerate Your Code” coding contest is now launched (end date: dec 31th), with access to the XeonPHI server online and 14.000 euros in prizes (a large part of the prizes are for professors and students). This challenge of this contest is fun: find camouflage patterns in satellite images.You can register as a professor with your students (and increase their chances to win prizes) or as an individual: http://intel-software-academic-program.com/pages/contests#ayc
3D gaming and mobile programming: The gaming specialist at HAVOC release a great 3D engine called Project Anarchy. (HAVOC is now part of Intel). It’s easy to use, well documented and free including to distribute your apps created with Anarchy. http://www.projectanarchy.com/training  And to make it even better, a programming contest based on Anarchy is launched: http://www.projectanarchy.com/contest  If you want to participate, let me know.

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