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HackZurich - największy hackaton w Europie


HackZurich - największy hackaton w Europie, odbędzie się w tym roku w dniach 2-4 października. W trakcie 40-godzinnych zawodów będzie okazja zmierzyć się z interesującymi, praktycznymi problemami. Impreza jest organizowana przez studentów (ETH, Uniwersytet Zuryski) dla studentów.

Impreza jest bezpłatna, a za dojazd do Technoparku w Zurychu można dostać zwrot kosztów (do 300 franków szwajcarskich). 

Zapisy ruszają 20 lipca na stronie wydarzenia:

Niebagatelne znaczenie ma obecność partnerów z przemysłu, z nowym sprzętem, oprogramowaniem i (miejmy nadzieję - doświadczonymi) inżynierami. 

Poniżej zaproszenie od organizatorów imprezy i nieuchronnie łącze do plakatu (3 MB).

Dear students,

HackZurich is coming back. After last year’s success we are trying to make this year’s edition even bigger and better (Check our aftermovie for an overview). From the 2nd - 4th October, 2015 you’ll have the opportunity to join 500 programmers, data scientists and designers from all over Europe in the largest hackathon in Europe: HackZurich – organized by students from the ETH and University of Zurich.

The event is free of charge and will take place at Technopark located in the heart of Zurich’s most innovative area. We will even reimburse travel expenses up to 300CHF.  You will team up to create a web or mobile application during a 40 hours non-stop hacking marathon. Food & drinks will be taken care of – all you need to do is register on !

What else is in for you at the event?


HackZurich is all about hacking. You will work together with fellow tech enthusiasts on a new project that you normally don’t have time for or just never thought of. We provide you with an environment where you can focus 100% on your project and enjoy an environment where you can be maximally productive.


HackZurich gathers 500 hackers from various cities in Europe with different backgrounds. Being a part of it allows you to learn from all those people and share your knowledge. Whether you learn from your teammates, help out another group or go to one of the workshops – everyone will learn something at HackZurich.


At HackZurich all big tech companies will be present. They’ll bring along their APIs, new hardware and their experienced engineers from Silicon Valley to support you throughout the entire hackathon. You get a chance to talk to them and yes … they are hiring.

For more information, check out the FAQ on our website:

We have a limited number of participants. So don’t waste time and REGISTRATION will open on July 20 on our website!

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the event!

Your HackZurich Team

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