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Jarosław Konrad Lipowski sustained his PhD thesis

On June 4, 2012: Jarosław Konrad Lipowski sustained his PhD thesis: "D-buffer: acceleration and reduction of memory requirements in visualization algorithms through gathering and ordering of irregular frame buffers", supervised by Professor Przemysław Rokita.

Modern hardware accelerated graphics pipelines are designed to operate on data in a so called streaming model. To process the data in this model one needs to impose some restrictions on input and output argument’s (most frequently represented by a two-dimensional frame buffer) memory structure. The output data regularity is obvious when we consider rasterizing hardware architecture, which draws three-dimensional polygons using depth buffer to resolve the visible surface problem. But recently the user’s needs surpass those restrictions with increasing frequency. In this work we formulate and present new methods of irregular frame buffer storage and ordering. The so called deque buffer (D-buffer) allows us to decrease the amount of memory used for storage as well as the memory latency cost by using pixel data ordering. Our findings are confirmed by experiment results that measure the processing time, which is up to eleven times shorter, when compared with previous work by other authors. We also managed to decrease the amount of memory needed up to a factor of two, when compared with per-pixel fragment lists and up to a factor of ten, when compared with methods based on
multi-layered framebuffers. The only theoretical requirement imposed by our method is the use of memory model with linear address space.

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