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Paweł Henryk Łoziński sustained his PhD thesis


Paweł Łoziński

On June 12, 2012: Paweł Henryk Łoziński sustained his PhD thesis: "Context dependant reasoning in argumentative logics", supervised by Professor Mieczysław Muraszkiewicz.

In this thesis a logic based on a formal model of argumentation is constructed. the model is a product of research in the field of argumentation theory. Reasoning in this logic is nonmonotonic and dependent on context. This dependency is based on the concept of proof standard, which is derived from the argumentation theory. Analyzed are the basic properties of this logic. Designed and implemented is an inference algorithm. The application of this is presented algorithm. The whole is preceded by an analysis of state of knowledge in the areas of logic and argumentation theory, which this research concerns.

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