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Przemysław Więch sustained his PhD thesis


Przemysław Więch

On November 29, 2011: Przemysław Więch sustained his PhD thesis: "Distributed Default Reasoning in the Semantic Web", supervised by Professor Henryk Rybiński.

The dissertation presents a novel approach to distributed reasoning in a multi-agent system, in which the agents' knowledge bases are expressed in the language of description logic with defaults. In the Semantic Web environment, knowledge is distributed among many independent entities. An agent in such a multi-agent system may need to gather information from several remote sources in order to provide an answer to a query. Default logic can be embedded into description logic in order to handle incomplete knowledge, where it should be possible to retract inferences, which are proved to be incorrect. The thesis proposes a formalism of default transformations, which can be used to derive answers to queries in the form of defaults. Such new defaults can then be treated as intermediate results in the reasoning process. It is shown that passing messages containing transformed defaults is more informative than strict statements and avoids reaching conclusions too early. Furthermore, the model of a multi-agent system, which utilizes the proposed algorithms is proposed. Finally, the work describes the implementation and evaluation of a prototype system, which combines all of the introduced algorithms.

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