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Łukasz Skonieczny sustained his PhD thesis

On November 30, 2010:  Łukasz Skonieczny sustained his PhD thesis: "Mining of frequent graphs incorporating disconnectedness", supervised by Professor Marzena Kryszkiewicz.

The thesis is centered around methods of frequent graphs mining. It presents a survey of existing methods for frequent graphs discovery, especially algorithms included in the ParMol platform. Most existing methods of frequent graphs discovery are limited to connected graphs only, completely ignoring frequent unconnected graphs. In this thesis, we proposed two new algorithms: UGM and UFC, which discover both connected and unconnected frequent graphs. The significant part of the thesis is dedicated to solving a subgraph isomorphism problem which is one the most important operation in frequent graphs discovery. We described methods of solving the subgraph isomorphism problem by solving the constraints satisfaction problem and proposed optimization of these methods which utilize graph symmetries, especially symmetries coming from multiple connected components.

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