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The Institute's main research areas include computer graphics, computer systems' architectures, software engineering, artificial intelligence and information systems. These research and teaching areas have influenced the organisation of the Institute: its staff is subdivided into four Divisions. For more detailed characteristics of these units (their staff, organisation, research projects, resources etc.) please follow the links to appropriate pages. To each of divisions belongs a specialised laboratory unit for carrying out the research and also for students preparing their major projects and diploma theses. Besides these three specialised laboratories, the Institute runs a large Computing Laboratory (more then 100 PCs and workstations) where students do most of their practical work.

The Institute of Computer Science is one of a few academic institutions in Poland with the longest tradition in computer research & development and education. Its history goes back to the year 1953 when the Division of Communications and Radio Equipment was established at the Faculty of Communications (so was called our Faculty then). In 1955, the Division has designed and build one of first electronic computers in Poland. It was called UMC1 (acronym for the Universal Digital Machine ) and featured vacuum-tube technology. In 1963 the Division was extended and renamed (according to its main activity) into the Division for of Mathematical Machines. In 1970, because of major reorganisation of the University, the Division was transformed into Institute for Construction of Mathematical Machines. Finally, in 1975 the Institute was re-baptised into the Institute of Computer Science.

The teaching in the field of computing and computers was started early, so that the first few MSc degrees in Computer Science were granted in 1962. From then on, the regular curricula in the field have been proposed with up to 80 students graduating each year. So, over last several decades more then 2500 computer professionals have been graduated from the Institute.

From the very beginning up to 1978 the Division and then Institute was headed by the late Professor Antoni Kiliński. In 1997, for his professional contribution into the field he was posthumously honoured with "Computer Pioneer Medal" awarded by IEEE Computer Society. Many former staff members of the Institute are employed in well known Universities in USA, Europe and Australia.

Currently, there are 79 people employed in the Institute of Computer Science, including 65 members of academic staff (12 professors, 1 associate professors, 31 assistant professors with a PhD degree, 12 assistants, 9 senior lecturers). The remaining employees are the engineering, laboratory and administrative staff.