2. Submission of the thesis

Remote submission of the thesis

The deadlines for submitting diploma theses in the winter semester are:

for bachelor's theses: September 10th at 2 p.m.

for master's theses: September 16th at 2 p.m.

Submissions can be sent by e-mail to the Secretariat for Students' Affairs of the Institute of Computer Science (wieslawa.duszynska[at]pw.edu.pl with carbon copy to elzbieta.macewicz[at]pw.edu.pl) from 2.09.2024

Final exams for engineering theses take place in September, while master's theses in October.

As usual, in the summer semester we will organize diploma exams in the summer session, i.e. in the second half of June. In this case, readiness of the thesis should be reported to the Didactic Secretariat by May 31st (applications are accepted by the Secretariat from May 13th).

In addition to preparing the thesis and the required documents, student must must pass all the courses declared for the current semester. This last point is very important in the case of exam courses - you have to ask the lecturer to enter the grade in the USOS system as soon as possible.

Among the documents accompanying the thesis (a list of them can be found below) is the Diploma Information Card - in this document, in addition to information about the thesis and its author, you need to check and possibly change the data on studies and the moment of submitting the work. Information Card templates can be found at the bottom of this page.

You start the procedure of collecting documentation by creating a directory on OneDrive PW ( https://wutwaw-my.sharepoint.com/ ) in which you should place:

  1. Diploma thesis in pdf format (this should be the version that will be later uploaded to the APD system and will be printed) - for formatting guidelines, please see the Formatting the diploma thesis section below.
  2. Positive opinion of the supervisor - template to be filled (note that your supervisor can send this information directly to the Didactic Secretariat). 
  3. Diploma Information Card (this is a specific requirement for the Institute of Computer Science - please ensure that the content fits on two pages!) - templates are available at the end of the page.
  4. If the person is in the process of reassumption of studies - a scan of the reassumption card (both sides).

After collecting all the documents, you send to the Institute Secretariat (to Mrs. Wiesława Duszyńska - wieslawa.duszynska[at]pw.edu.pl, with a copy to Ms. Elżbieta Macewicz - elzbieta.styczek[at]pw.edu.pl) a link to this directory.

After checking the completeness of the documentation, the Secretariat will prepare a Decision on admission to the diploma examination and passes the case to the Dean's Office. A review of the diploma thesis and the date of the diploma exam will be determined in parallel. The schedule of the diploma exams will be published on the website of the Institute of Computer Science (Schedule of diploma exams).

Note: The Dean's Office may do its part of the work only when it has a complete set of student grades.

Information about the generated diploma supplement is sent by the Dean's Office by e-mail. It is very important to efficiently submit comments regarding the content of the supplement and (after any corrections) to accept the content of the supplement.

Acceptance of the supplement is a prerequisite for taking the diploma exam. In addition, in USOSWeb you should:

- accept the statement on granting PW licenses,
- accept the statement on the correctness of personal data,
- declare the number of copies of the diploma and copies of the supplement (according to the instructions: USOSweb-for students-supplements).

After completing the organizational procedures at the Dean's Office and the Institute's Secretariat, the status of the thesis changes to "archive". This means that you can upload your thesis to the APD system (and enter abstracts and keywords).

The supervisor approves the thesis and enters her opinion about the work, and the reviewer - a review. After approval of the opinion and review, the thesis is ready for defense.

Formatting of the thesis

From January 2017, the Rector's ordinance regulates the format of the diploma thesis and cover templates. Covers are collected at the Institute's Didactic Secretariat. Information on the rules for formatting the diploma thesis (including cover page templates) is available on the Faculty's website: https://www.elka.pw.edu.pl/Studenci/Prace-dyplomowe2/Procedura-dyplomowania

The template of the diploma's information card (Microsoft Word 2003; OpenOffice Writer version 2.3 handles these documents flawlessly):

Diploma's information card - Bachelor studies in English

Diploma's information card  - Master studies in English