Division of Artificial Intelligence


Robert Nowak Professor WUT

e-mail:  R.Nowak[at]ii.pw.edu.pl
phone (+48-22) 234-7718
room 23

Research profile

The Artificial Intelligence Division research are intelligent computational techniques, including their fundamentals and applications.Recently, special attention and great xpectations are paid to the interdisciplinary research in biology, chemistry and physics, and computer science.

Current research activity of the Group is carried in the following streams:

  • Evolutionary computation: search and optimization inspired by the natural evolution.
  • Artificial neural networks, structure optimization based on statistical tests, learning in neurobiological inspired networks.
  • Inductive learning: automatic knowledge acquisition by generalizing the training examples and its representation by e.g. decision trees.
  • Reinforcement learning: automated skill acquisition from rewards.
  • Statistical approach to machine learning including Support Vector Machines.
  • Data mining: discovering useful patterns in data and transforming them into predictive models.
  • Bioinformatics, biological sequences processing, NGS
  • Classification of biological and medical images including filtering and segmentation.

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