Laboratory equipment

The resources of the Computer Lab (LK) include servers and workstations (partly virtualized) supporting the institute's hardware infrastructure and student labs.


In the rooms of LK there are dozens of PCs with different operating systems and access to local, server and virtual resources (virtual machines). The applications used include:

  • compilers of various programming languages,
  • simulators (electronic circuits and processors),
  • Database tools for computer graphics design,
  • CASE tools,
  • RAD tools.

The LK hardware resources include the SML-3 Laboratory Module System enabling the preparation and launch of projects on gates, microcontrollers and FPGA systems.

LK provides software and hardware supporting the design of systems using modules related to IoT (Internet of Things) and DSP (Digital Signal Processor). The modules used include:

  • Raspberry Pi (various models)
  • STM32 microcontrollers (various models)
  • LaunchPad development boards (by Texas Instruments)

The preparation of projects, as well as their launch, is supported by appropriate software tools.