Calendar of seminar meetings

Seminar with the "Master"

During Professor Grzegorz Rozenberg's stay at the Warsaw University of Technology at the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology, meetings with the "Master" were organized - seminars in which Professor Rozenberg commented on the work of doctoral students from the Warsaw University of Technology and the University of Warsaw.

Below is a list of topics with a presentation.

  1. Discovering the meanings of words using word meaning induction using methods typical for association rule mining - Presentation
  2. Synthesis of Polish speech using concatenation of allophones - Presentation
  3. Application of Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm to Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem - Presentation
  4. Rigid body motion planning - Presentation
  5. The analysis of next generation sequencing data - Presentation
  6. A game-theoretic approach to identify the key nodes in networks - Presentation
  7. Adaptive optimization of complex processes - Presentation
  8. A Rough Set Approach to Learning a Similarity Relation from High Dimensional Data - Prezentacja
  9. A hybrid method of indexing multiple-inheritance hierarchies - Presentation