Dr Mateusz Ostaszewski from the Institute of Computer Science wins the 18th edition of the competition for the Witold Lipski Award

On October 12, 2022, the University of Warsaw hosted the 18th edition of the competition for the Witold Lipski Award for outstanding achievements in the field of computer science and scientific achievements documented by publications. It commemorates its patron – a pioneer of Polish computer science, an outstanding scientist with very wide research interests, Witold Lipski.

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Witold Lipski Award for talented IT specialists

Dr Mateusz Ostaszewski from the Institute of Computer Science of the Warsaw University of Technology is the winner of the award in the category of computer science applications, and the winners of two equal awards are Dr. Michał Koziarski from the Wrocław University of Technology and Dr. Filip Mazowiecki from the University of Warsaw. During the ceremony at the University of Warsaw, Prof. Leszek Pacholski, Chairman of the Independent Jury, and Marek Skulimowski, President and Executive Director of the Kościuszko Foundation, which organized this year's competition, presented the winners with the awards. 

Mateusz Ostaszewski in the field of "applications of computer science" defended his doctorate with distinction at the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Computer Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Gliwice. During the preparation of the dissertation, he cooperated with Prof. Leonardo Banchi and completed a scientific internship at UCL with Prof. Simone Severini. After his Doctorate, he established cooperation with a research group led by Prof. Vedran Dunjko (Leiden University). Currently, he is doing a postdoctoral fellowship at the Warsaw University of Technology. He was a laureate of the scholarship of the Minister of Science and Higher Education for outstanding achievements and the etude doctoral scholarship. He is also associated with the Computer Vision Lab group created at our Faculty by Prof. Tomasz Trzciński.  


In his research, he focuses on the design and optimization of quantum circuits, the purpose of which is to solve problems in quantum chemistry. The results of the work could be used, for example, in the production of medicines. The competition for the Witold Lipski Prize is addressed to young scientists who are under 35 years of age, have Polish citizenship and permanently live in Polish.