Promotion of ETH AI Fellowship Program 2023


We invite PhD students and young employees to the doctoral and post-doctoral internship program in the area of interdisciplinary applications of AI at ETH. 

About the scholarship program 

The ETH AI Center scholarship program is one of the most important European doctoral and post-doc programs, focusing on the development of interdisciplinary research on artificial intelligence. This can be inside the foundations of artificial intelligence or between the foundations of artificial intelligence and the areas of application. Fellows work with two excellent PI who come from different fields and have equal weight in supervision. Scholarship holders have their main office at the ETH AI Center and enjoy excellent employment conditions. The ETH AI Center further offers to strengthen their careers through an optional entrepreneurial or industry path that provides fellows with valuable practical experience to turn research into a practical impact.


Application deadline 30 November 2022

Applications for doctoral or post-doc positions are open until November 30, 2022. During this program, fellows will shape the future of artificial intelligence and machine learning through interdisciplinary AI research and open up their career paths to academia, industry, and start-ups. The key selection criteria are the ability to achieve research excellence, interdisciplinary collaboration and impact orientation. 

Read more about the program and apply:

Application for a doctoral scholarship:

Application Post-Doc:

About ETH AI Center

ETH AI Center was established in 2020 as a central AI hub with a mission to lead towards trustworthy, accessible and inclusive AI systems for the benefit of society. Currently, 110 professors from all 16 ETH faculties are part of the main faculty or affiliated faculty of the ETH AI Center. 

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